I'm Swati ,
 nice to meet you.

I am a UX Researcher living in the NYC area, with a passion for combining my skillsets in academia, clinic and user research to create amazing tech products. I hold two Master’s degrees. The first is a research, thesis-based MSc in Speech and Language Sciences. The second is a MA in Speech Language Pathology. I worked as a clinician for 3 years conducting interviews and synthesizing data points to make recommendations for my patients’ health before switching into the UX Research field. I bring to a strong foundation in quantitative and qualitative research, combined with an empathetic and person-centered approach to my UX research work. 

How I got started in user research

While working in healthcare as a speech therapist, I noticed that many of the devices that I used to teach my patients how to communicate, weren’t designed with the end user in mind. This led me to the exciting world of UX research and design.


I decided to make the switch into UX research by conducting my own research study projects. This led me to working with two non-profit organizations as a UX researcher. From there I got a position as a UX Research Intern at UserZoom. I am now looking to join an exciting, dynamic product UX research team and create products that positively impact users’ lives!

What I've been working on 

I am currently at UserZoom as a UX Research Intern. I work with a wide range of clients across many verticals, teaching them how to use best practices in their research initiatives.


I also am the Lead UX Researcher and UX Researcher at two non-profit organizations called FUNetix® and AsylumConnect, respectively. FUNetix® is a reading app developed to independently teach children to read. AsylumConnect is a tech non-profit organization that helps LGBTQ+ asylum seekers find safe resources in Canada and the USA. I am deeply passionate about both of these organizations and their causes.

What I'm curious about

At this point in my career, I am still exploring and learning what I am most passionate about within the field of UX research and design. Of course, coming from healthcare, I would love to find my way into healthtech one day. However, I have other interests and passions in my life as well including makeup (I am a part-time makeup artist), working with children and as I recently became a mother—working for a company that helps moms all around the world. I just can’t wait to see where my heart and my work takes me!

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